stay beautiful
My mom says my personality is like Khloe’s. My boobs are like Kim’s. My height is like Kourtney’s. I’m just full of kardashian-ness.

Got this today and today is the 4th year my stepmom has been gone. I miss her so much and the dealing with this… eyes are hurting from crying. Blah bad day
My family. (varsity team) we won all 3 games in the tournament, and we are leaving tomorrow )):
I love my vans.
Blonde hurrr don’t care~ (even though it’s not blonde anymore…most people don’t believe I was ever a blonde)
I’m a natural blonde, and I’ve been dying my hair since 6th grade to black cause it looks better anyways, MY ROOTS ARE SO BAD I WANT TO CRY. I haven’t dyed my hair in 6months cause I’m changing the color soon. Stupid blonde hair I hate you.
My favorite guys in the entire world :)
My stomach is black from tanning…BYE